Construction site management companies provide an invaluable resource in the construction process. Without effective site management, it is difficult to monitor who is on site. This is essential to maintain safety protocols, as well as monitor and manage project progress. Here are some of the key responsibilities that effective site management ensures are executed:

  • Monitoring of people on the construction site at any time – who they are and what they are doing. This is crucial for site safety as well as ensuring that the build is progressing to plan.

  • Monitoring of resources and materials – this process is needed to ensure that materials are where they should be when they should be, as well as other equipment and human resources.

  • Monitoring of materials, tools, and equipment, reducing the risk of theft.

  • Effective site management will help to ensure that the site does not become the target of vandals

  • Effective site record keeping may be needed if a dispute is raised. For example, noting which contractors are on site and at what times they enter and leave the site.

Effective construction site management helps project managers to keep projects on course. It ensures construction workers, contractors, and subcontractors attend work on time, that deliveries are received efficiently, and helps in resolving disputes.

Our in-field team monitors and coordinates all field construction activities with client activities. They verify that quality control functions are aligned to plans and specifications, and can witness all testing performed by contractors as required to verify conformance with contractual agreements for each aspect of the project.

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