The services that our team is prepared to provide as Construction Manager can be summarized as follows:

Preconstruction Phase

Constructability Reviews: It is imperative to catch all conflicts before the start of bidding and construction to minimize and/or avoid change orders and construction delays later on. Should ACB be hired as your construction manager, our first course of business will be to review the package to identify potential issues such as the following:

  • The evaluation of specific building details for practicality and efficiency ofdesign;
  • The technical review of details and building systems to clarify thefeasibility sequence of construction.

A Constructability review before construction starts can help prevent delays due to construction sequencing and costly overruns due to incomplete purchasing procedures. The proposed project (s) may have many challenges. With proper planning and coordination with the designers, owner and later on the contractor, this can be mitigated.

Project Controls: A successful project starts with a well managed and well documented preconstruction process.

Meetings: During the preconstruction process we will attend all necessary meetings and contribute due to our experiences and provide recommendations to the team. We will prepare meeting minutes to track all discussions, changes, commitments, and decision.

Cost Estimates: Proper estimating is essential to the life of a project. We will provide estimates as required.

Construction Schedule: ACB will prepare a preconstruction, bidding and construction master schedule for the entire team to follow. The specifications need to be prepared to address project conditions. It is important to have a schedule that takes into consideration those special conditions such as winterization. Our team will prepare this document to be included with the bid documents.

Construction Phase

As the Construction Management firm, ACB will provide all requirements of the RFP including the following construction management services:

Daily Activities: Our Project Manager work with the entire project team on a daily basis to ensure that the following activities and project requirements are being tended to and satisfied.

  • Meet with the contractors to verify that all work as planned is on schedulebased on current conditions.
  • Walk through the project to confirm work is being completed as well as toconfirm that proper materials as specified and approved are beinginstalled.
  • Prepare DCR’s which will include manpower, daily activities, projectconditions, concerns, weather, etc.
  • Verify that RFI’s and submittals are being answered on a timely manner.
  • Review future activities with contractor
  • Coordinate upcoming work

Project Controls During Construction: Project controls are an essential part of any construction project as they set the tone as it relates to expectations and communication. The ACB team will utilize our standard forms and modify them to comply with any necessary requirements that the projects may have. We use Sharefile to share all reports and logs with the team. The following are some of the documents that we will utilize, track and update.

Daily Construction Reports: Developed on a daily basis as a means to track the progress of the contractors and maintain a historic record of the construction activities.

RFI Logs: A Request for Information (“RFI”) Log will be developed to track that all questions are being addressed on a timely manner so as not to delay the project.

Change Order Log: A Change Order Log will be developed and tracked to account for any construction changes adds and deducts.

Submittal Log: A Submittal Log will be developed and tracked to make sure that all required submittals are provided by the contractor and approved by the designer on a timely manner.

Construction Directives: Directives will be issued to the contractor if required and as approved by Administration.

Monthly Report: Monthly reporting will be submitted to the Board that includes an executive summary; work completed the previous month; upcoming work; updated schedule; budget report; critical issues to be resolved; logs; project photos of critical work and any other updates that may be required for the project.


A vital management tool of our construction management team on the project will be the project construction schedule. We will utilize the following tools to monitor and control the rate and sequence of work:

Schedule Implementation: The key to successfully implementing the schedules is having the involvement, understanding, and agreement of the subcontractors that the time frames set forth are fair and doable. We will take a hands-on approach, as your construction manager to make sure that the subcontractors adhere to the contractual construction schedules.

Regular Updates: We will require that the subcontractors prepare and issue accurate two week look-ahead schedules for every team meeting so that we can immediately identify within our master schedule whether the contractor is ahead or behind and take immediate action.

Communication: As the construction managers for the project we will utilize a scheduling system that is easily understood by even non-construction members. After many years of experience as construction managers we understand that our efforts, including what we do in terms of scheduling, need to be accessible and understandable to all members of a project team. Owners, architects, engineers, public agencies, the public, everyone involved, needs to be able to understand where the project is heading and what needs to be accomplished both in preconstruction and construction activities to achieve our goal of a project completed on time.

Cost Control: After the contracts have been issued and the value of the overall budget re-affirmed and accepted, the cost control process can be implemented to monitor actual construction costs versus overall budget. Beginning with initial contract awards, the cumulative amount of committed funds is carefully monitored.

Meetings: Our Project Manager will attend meetings as required by the client. The Project Manager will also lead bi monthly meetings with the contractors and develop meeting minutes. The minutes will be developed to identify the responsible party for each action item and the date for resolution

Field Supervision: Our Project Managers will provide on-site to monitoring and coordinate all field construction activities with client activities. Our team can verify that all specified quality control functions are in accordance with the plans and specifications. Our field staff can also witness all testing performed by the contractors as required to verify conformance with contractual agreements for each aspect of the project.

Safety: We understand how important safety is to a school district particularly when work is being completed while the facilities are occupied. We will advise the Board and architect during the preconstruction process of methods and restrictions that should be included on the documents to assure that safety to the students and staff is the primary focus during construction. In addition, our staff members have OSHA 30 hour training and are able to immediately recognize safety issues.

Quality Control: Our Quality Control Program starts with the preconstruction and continues through the entire duration of the project. During the design period, our team will work closely with the designers and Board to review design features and eliminate potential problems based on our experience with similar projects.

This effort is followed by the review of subcontractor shop drawings by the project manager to ensure that the trade contractor’s planning conforms to the contract requirements. From this review, problem areas can be discussed with the subcontractors and procedures for proper fabrication and installation can be established. Following approval of the shop drawings by the design consultant, the project manager will review items that the contractors may have questions on how to achieve the design intent.

Affirmative Action Compliance: ACB has been working on projects that require AA compliance since its inception. Most of these projects also required require a PLA. We are prepared to monitor and require that the contractors meet the Affirmative Action requirements.

Close out

As the project nears completion, our team will work with the contractors to insure an orderly project closeout and transition from construction to actual use.

Quality Control: ACB along with the designers, will conduct inspections of the completed project, compile a list of punch-list items, and monitor the completion of these items.

Documentation Control: We will monitor receipt of all operational manuals, as-built drawings, inspections, certificate of occupancy, affidavits and other required documents.

Financial Closeout: Our team will review, recommend and process all final payments.

In summation, ACB Consulting Services will continue to work with the client and the Designer to insure that the project, at their completion, fulfill all of the needs and objectives.