As the owner’s representative, we represent you as the owner of a construction project. Particularly in the case of large projects, you may be several project managers involved in its delivery. We assist you to coordinate all activities in the construction project, keeping each project manager on task and assisting to ensure that all the various phases of the project are running smoothly and in concert with one another.

Our involvement can begin as early as land acquisition. Our involvement ensures that any technical deficiency within your own team is compensated by our own specialist knowledge and experience, without the need for you to hire permanent employees. Our independence helps to reflect unbiased opinions.

We align with your goals, offer advice, and can guide you as to regulations and other impactful elements before and during construction. 

The benefits of contracting our experience include:

  • Helping you avoid unrealistic (and ultimately expensive) proposals

  • Conflict management

  • Maintaining project momentum and timely delivery

  • Saving time and money on the project

  • Managing and supervising budgets and schedules

for more information, and help to decide if owner representative services are what you need, please don’t hesitate to contact ACB Consulting Services to discuss your unique needs.