As a construction project management firm, we pride ourselves on the comprehensive services offered by our talented professionals.

You’ll benefit from our experience and sector knowledge. We understand what can go wrong, and work daily to ensure that it doesn’t. 

As your project manager, we work the entire project team on all project functions, ensuring that all tasks are being done satisfactorily. The result is effective management of a project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function.

The daily activities of a project manager include:

  • Meeting with the contractors to verify that all work is on schedule

  • Confirming work is being completed and that specified materials are being installed

  • Verifying that RFI’s and submittals are being answered on a timely manner

  • Preparing DCR’s including manpower, daily activities, project conditions, concerns, weather, etc.

  • Reviewing future activities with contractors

  • Coordinating upcoming work

To properly execute project management, we utilize standard, regulation compliant forms including

  • Daily Construction Reports (DCRs) to track construction progress and contractor performance

  • Request for Information Logs (RFIs) to address all questions in a timely manner

  • Change Order Logs to track change requests

  • Submittal Logs to ensure contractor submittals are provided and approved in a timely manner

  • Construction Directives issued to contractors if required

We also submit a Monthly Report that includes an Executive Summary, and details work completed during the past month, upcoming work, updated schedule, critical issues that must be resolved, any updates required, and an updated schedule.

We take a hands-on approach to all project management work, ensuring that all stakeholders remain updated and consulted as needed. This includes the crucial involvement, understanding, and agreement of contractors and subcontractors. It is vital that they agree to timeframes as being doable.

We monitor the work of subcontractors, preparing and issuing accurate two week look-ahead schedules for every team meeting so that we can immediately identify within our master schedule whether the contractor is ahead or behind and take immediate action.

Communication is a mission critical function of project management. We ensure that we use communication systems that are easily understood by all and user friendly. 

We monitor actual costs versus the overall budget at regular pre-agreed intervals.

Our project manager will attend all meetings as required by you. They will also lead bi-monthly meetings with contractors, ensuring that the project and its components remain on track.

We are also experienced in projects that require compliance with Affirmative Action (AA) Compliance. Having been active in such projects since AA inception, we are used to managing projects that also require a PLA (Pre-labor agreement) and are prepared to monitor contractors for AA compliance.

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