6 Green Hotels Examples That Demonstrate Eco-Friendly Design Can Be Profitable

The tourism industry, and especially hotels, is not naturally eco-friendly. Hotels are big users of energy and water. Poor construction strategies can destroy local environments. Their carbon footprint is huge, matched only by their waste. But there are exceptions that prove this rule.

These green hotel examples have taken eco-friendly to a new level. Sustainability is embedded in all they are, from construction/remodeling to operational policies, procedures, and practices.

Below, you’ll find a brief description of six green hotels in the USA and how they have integrated sustainability into their design. Each provides a lesson in how we can create high-quality hotels that deliver exceptional guest experiences and have a positive environmental impact.

  1. Montage Deer Valley, Utah

The Montage Deer Valley Resort is within five minutes of Park City’s Main Street, and 40 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport. It has more than 150 rooms, 66 suites, and private residences.

It includes many sustainable features, including energy-efficient equipment and water-saving devices. It uses renewable energy sources and using recycled materials in its construction.

  1. Habitat Suites, Austin

Habitat Suites is a complex that has become green. Renovations, remodeling, and refurbishment have included adding solar panels, incorporating trees into its landscaping to improve shading and cooling, implementing a policy of using energy-efficient lighting and electric appliances, and water conservation.

  1. The Little Nell, Aspen

Another 5-Star luxury hotel that has impeccable sustainability credentials, The Little Nell sits at the bottom of a mountain, with easy access to Aspen.

Sustainability initiatives adopted since 2009 include recycled fixtures and fittings, and reclaimed materials throughout all renovations. It uses low-VOC paint and reduces energy consumption with LED lighting and occupancy sensors. 

Energy costs and CO2 emissions have been reduced by the addition of solar panels and switching off their boilers to higher-efficiency models. Water conservation is also a priority, and this is aided by features that include dual flush toilets and low-flow fixtures.

  1. Cavallo Point Lodge, California

A stone’s throw from the Golden Gate Bridge, Cavallo Point Lodge incorporated recycled and reclaimed building materials in construction and remodeling. It has been landscaped using native planting, and the building design incorporates natural cooling, occupation sensors, and energy-efficient appliances and fixtures throughout. With a LEED Gold certificate, this hotel focuses on sustainable stewardship, conservation, and preservation.

  1. Element, New York

The Element Times Square is a big city hotel with a difference – it’s perfect for those who wish to make their stay in the Big Apple a green one. Water is filtered to reduce the use of bottles, and carpets are made from recycled material. Huge windows allow daylight in and reduce electric consumption. Low VOC paint is used throughout.

  1. The Lodge, Alabama

Have we saved the best for last? We believe so.

The Lodge at Gulf State Park in Alabama exudes sustainability.

Its buildings are designed to reduce energy and water use by around a third, and 75% of construction waste was recycled. Almost a fifth of materials used for construction were recycled materials. It uses passive cooling techniques, and condensation from its HVAC is recycled for use in its pool.

Buildings are positioned to take advantage of cooling breezes, rooms are fitted with occupancy sensors, and floor-to-ceiling windows allow light to flood in.

Captured water is filtrated onsite, and three-quarters of the site is dedicated to landscaping that promotes and incorporates the local ecology. While being constructed, the equivalent area of more than six football pitches was protected, and disturbed landscape has been restored.

From construction and through every facet of the operation, the Lodge at Gulf State Park may just be the pinnacle of sustainable hotels.

Are you seeking to deliver a competitive, low-carbon footprint, and attractive experience to your guests? Whether you are constructing a new hotel or remodeling your existing stock, contact ACB Consulting. We deliver results because we care about our community, our clients, and the world.

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