7 Hotels That Knock Sustainability Out of the Park

When we think of eco-friendly hotels, we tend to think about how they are managed and operated. Instead of plastic bottles, glass or aluminum are supplied, to be cleaned and reused. Lighting that is controlled by motion sensors. Locally sourced food products. Organic foodstuffs and materials used throughout.

But for the best in eco-friendly hotels, we should look a little deeper, at how the hotels have been designed, and what design features add to the hotel’s green credentials.

We’ve selected seven of the best sustainable hotels in the USA to highlight a few of the design features that can make a real difference to a hotel’s claims to be sustainable. Each of these hotels has received LEED certification but has other unique eco-friendly features.

The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte, NC

Named the number one sustainable hotel in the USA by USA Today readers, The Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte is an 18-story hotel with a spectacular roof garden with two beehives. Locally produced honey, plus the advantages of water regulation and heat moderation.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Guests have a stunning view of Manhattan from 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge while staying in a hotel that benefits from the use of reclaimed materials and native greenery.

Aria Las Vegas — Las Vegas, Nevada

A huge hotel, Aria Las Vegas is one of the world’s largest eco-friendly hotels. It incorporates wood from responsibly managed forests, water recycling that improves water efficiency, and low-energy consumption throughout.

Proximity Hotel — Greensboro, North Carolina

The Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina benefits from 100+ solar panels that reduce energy consumption by more than 40% when compared to similar hotels. High-efficiency plumbing fixtures reduce water consumption by a third.

Hotel Terra Jackson Hole

Hotel Terra is a boutique sustainable hotel that benefits from the widespread use of local and organic materials. Guests also benefit from an air circulation system that brings the outside air into the building.

Viceroy Snowmass, Co

Benefiting from incredible insulation, high-performance windows, and an energy management system, Viceroy Snowmass uses 30% less energy than similar hotels.

Hotel Andaluz, Albuquerque

One of the most historic hotels in the country, Hotel Andaluz has earned its eco-friendliness through a renovation that has retained its iconic status while simultaneously delivering sustainability. Among many green design features, it boasts a rooftop solar system, motion-activated energy management, and fixtures and fittings made from bamboo or rubber wood.

Eco-Friendly Hotels in the USA with Sustainable Designs

Eco-friendly hotels in the USA offer sustainable amenities like organic food, reusable towels, and electric car charging stations. They all make the effort to reduce their environmental footprint by, for example, reducing energy use, water use, and waste management.

The above hotels are a few examples of what can be achieved through an approach that embeds sustainability at the heart of the design and construction of hotels.

At ACB Consulting, we are committed to helping improve the communities in which we live, work, and play – including how they are conceived, designed and created. To leverage our experience in hotel design and construction, contact ACB Consulting.

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